Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My $15 Score!

I found this dresser at the Salvation Army for only $15. While it's not a true campaign style dresser, for $15 it will work!! The top two drawers were missing (hence the price tag), but I wanted to put the television above it and put the DVD player in the area where the drawers would be.

My sweet husband cut a sheet of plywood and secured it to the inside of the piece, making the "shelves" for the DVD player and docking station. The piece of furniture is actually laminate, so I had to prime it with oil based Kilz, and use a few coats of oil based paint. I still want to add the right angle brass thingies to each corner, but for now, I really like how it turned out! (By the way, I'm going to put a chair under each mirror - kinda bugging me in this picture!).

Happy Weekend!!

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Sneak Peek

I am finally seeing the finish line at the "new" house. I have lots of little projects to write about. Looking at this picture, you can see a few of the projects: the orange stripes in the hallway, the mod-podged lampshade (with a cocktail napkin from Target), the DIY art above the sofa, the chevron striped coffee table, the "side-of-the road" bar cart turned side table, the thrift store chair in the left of the pic, and the DIY free chair printable on the wall (hard to see in this pic!). I've been super busy, but like I told my husband, "If I die tomorrow, I had a blast on my last day!"

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I won! I won!!

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Simply Seleta hosted a giveaway. Because I never win anything, it's amazing that I even entered the giveaway. But lo and behold, I won the darn thing!! Exciting stuff!!

In my comment on the giveaway, I said that I would use the table in my bathroom next to the bathtub and that I'd put a candle and a book on it. However, it was WAAAAY too cute to hide it in my bathroom. I decided that it needed a little more attention, so I put it in our family room and it's perfect there!!

Thank you, Seleta, for such a generous giveaway and such a precious table/stool!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Free Gallery Wall Art thanks to Pinterest

Thanks to Pinterest, most of the "art" in the "Orange and Blue House" was free. I searched "Free Printables" and all sorts of fun printables popped up! They were all super easy to download and print from my home computer. I used cheap frames from Target (some were even in the Dollar Spot) to display the printables. And voila - more inexpensive, easy, fun art. Thanks, Pinterest!

Below - art in the bathroom Below - art in the kids' room

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inexpensive, Easy Art

Where has the time gone?! Lot's of happenings around here that I haven't told you about yet. In fact, the whole reason I haven't been blogging much lately is because of what I haven't even told you yet!! We have been super busy with a fixer-upper that we bought at the end of this past summer. It has been SO MUCH FUN fixing this little house and making her our very own. We won't be living in the house, but we'll be renting it out for Game Day weekends and such. Since we'll be renting it out, we needed to furnish it. That's where the real fun began!! We live in Auburn, Alabama and I decided to have a little fun with this house - I've decorated the entire house orange and blue. I can't wait to show it to you over the course of the next few weeks.

Y'all know by now that I love a good thrift store score and I love some DIY art. One of the blogs that I stalk daily for style inspiration is Simply Seleta. Love her style! She had a great post the other day on an easy DIY art project. Using her tutorial, I made my own art for the "Orange and Blue on Drake" house. Because Auburn fans are Auburn Tigers and their battle cry is "war Eagle", I chose a tiger and an eagle for my silhouette. I thought it turned out great and it was FREE because I used what I had as far as frames and background paper. For the background of the tiger, I tore out the page of the dictionary that had the word "tiger" on it. I think every word on that page began with tiger!

The picture below is an EAGLE (not a crow, as my eleven year old questioned!).

Rather than printing out the image as Seleta suggested, I just enlarged the image on my computer screen and traced it with a piece of typing paper over the image on the screen. I then put my black sheet of paper under the white paper and cut out both images (the white and black) at the same time. Super easy. And pretty cute, too. Can't wait to show you more of this house. Pinterest and blogs have been a HUGE source of inspiration for this house!!