Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pumpkin Pillow Tutorial

Happy Halloween!! Step One: Fold your piece of orange burlap fabric in half and draw half of a pumpkin on the fold.
Step Two: Cut through both layers of fabric.

Step Three: Unfold your fabric and you will have a cute little pumpkin. Don't try to be precise when you are drawing and cutting your pumpkins. Pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes -there is no perfect pumpkin. Just have fun with it!

Steps Four and Five: Pin your two pumpkin pieces together. Burlap doesn't have a "right side", so just pin them together as is. Sew your two pieces together using a very short stitch. Burlap has a tendency to fray easily so keep your stitch small to prevent fraying. Leave a 3 - 4 inch opening at the bottom of the pumpkin so that you can stuff it with polyfil later.

Steps Six and Seven:(Sorry about the lighting! I guess I shouldn't have used my flash!) Cut out the face of your jack-o-lantern on freezer paper (found by the aluminum foil in your grocery store). Using an Exacto knife, cut out the image. Again, have fun and be creative!

Step Eight: Iron your pumpkin face to your fabric. Freezer paper has a thin layer of wax on one side of the paper. You want the shiny side to lay against your fabric. Place your iron on the non-shiny side.

Step Nine: Using regular acrylic paint, paint the inside of your image.

Step Ten: Peel the freezer paper away from the fabric. You c ould do this while the paint is still wet,or you can wait til it dries if you prefer. Thanks to the freezer paper, your pumpkin face will have such clean, crisp edges.

Steps Eleven and Twelve: Paint your stem brown and/or green. When paint dries, fill pillow with fluff and sew the opening closed.

Step Twelve: Smile!


  1. Those are SOOO cute! I love the orange burlap. Wonderful idea!

  2. So fabulous! What a great idea. I have a whole blot of red burlap that i might use at Christmas to make santa's like this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so cute. I just love them.

  4. Oh this is just beautiful! Definitely a fantastic way to ring in fall, and just too darned cute! Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna definitely try these! Oh, and if you're going to be doing any spooky Halloween decor, stop by my blog for a how-to and a giveaway! I hope you can! :)

  5. Love these pumpkin pillows...think I might make me some for my black porch swing...the orange burlap is sooooo cool! HAPPY FALL!


  6. Hello Tiffany - it's nice to meet you! I love those sweet pumpkins! And what a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!


  7. Great idea. Very cute little gifts for friends....I wonder if you could do the same with brown burlap to make reindeers...Hmmm