Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chevron Coffee Table

The coffee table in "Orange and Blue on Drake" makes the statement that I was hoping it would.  It's fun, a little mod, a little funky even (thanks to the orange!).  It was a local thrift store purchase, and I knew the minute that I saw it that I was going to paint a chevron design on it.  I had been hoping for a coffee table with a very plain surface so that I could paint a design on it.  This was perfect!!
 Here are two of my little helpers cleaning the table so that I can get to work!

AT first I couldn't figure out the dimensions of the zig zag.  Here's a hint:  DON'T ask your husband!  :)  HE made it so complicated, but I just told him "thank you" and smiled politely because he was working so hard to come up with a formula for my orange and white coffee table!  HE had to go into work, then even called on his way in and said, "Okay, I've got it.  Measure the blah, blah, blah"  He lost me at "measure".  Ha!

I ended up taking a piece of poster paper and cut it the same width as the coffee table.  Then i folded the poster paper in half and placed it on my coffee table.  This would be the very middle zig zag point.  Then I folded the poster board in half again, and these folds became the other two zig zag points (so one in the middle, one to the left of the middle, one to the right of the middle).  I used 2 inch wide blue painters tape and therefore made the zig -zags 2 inches wide.  Easy.  I didn't  even have to make a pattern!

And here she is in her new home!

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