Monday, November 9, 2009

Some playful eye candy...

I'm a bit busy this week but I leave you with these pictures from my ten year old nephew's bedroom. The theme is "lodge" - he's all about hunting, fishing, and "exploring". Enjoy!

This picture below is one of my favorite things in her entire house! It's all of his cowboy boots arranged by size, from his very first pair to his latest pair. How cute is that?!

This is in the nook in her hallway between her kids' rooms. I just love the bright, colorful art created by her kiddos.


  1. That bedroom is so neat, the cowboy boots, now that's special!

  2. What a cool bedroom. I so need to makeover my boys' bedroom. :) Tammy

  3. Too cute! That desk is so sweet, it looks like a perfect place for a little boy to learn!

  4. I am so doing that with my sons cowboy boots! He is only 3 but he is on pair number 3-what a cute idea! :) Found your blog on TCB-adorable!