Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

These aren't that original, but they sure are cute, yummy, quick, easy, and inexpensive! I purchased Wal-Mart brand regular and strawberry marshmallows, pushed them on a lollipop stick, melted some white chocolate, stuck the tip of the the top marshmallow in the melted chocolate, then dipped the tip in a small bowl of sprinkles. Ta Da!!

These are so easy that the kids can do them without you! My 9 year old even melted the chocolate by herself (in the microwave). Easy peasy! The only problem is this - my kids don't like sprinkles. Neither do I. They sure are cute, but they sure are yucky. And crunchy. And the red ones are the worst. They basically just taste like red dye.
But we really hope their friends like them! :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh well... too bad about the 'yucky', but sometimes kids just don't care. They are adorable by the way and a great idea for a party.

    The Blue Ridge Gal