Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Message Board with Mirrored Tacks

I made this fabric message board with mirrored tacks from a frame that I found at the thrift store. The frame was super cheap because it didn't have a pice of glass or a back, which is actually perfect for what I was planning. Cost of frame: $1.00!

Using a utlity knife, I cut a piece of foam board to fit into the frame's openeing. I also cut a pice of plain white cotton duck fabric and attached it to the foam board with this spray glue.

Using something I already had on hand (Mirror Mastic), I attached the small round mirrors to the tops of the tacks. You could easily use Liquid Nails in the tube if you don't just happen to have some Mirror Mastic lying around!

And Voila!

(P.S. Did you notice that cute silhouette of my baby girl? Come back tomorrow and I'll show you what I'm going to do with her!)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. How fun! And so shiny. Great project!


  2. what a great idea! i love those mirrored tacks! i will be copying! thanks!

  3. This is perfect for my office area or even my college daughters room. I am inspired to try to make a few of these to give as gifts. Love your blog by the way, came over by way of A Soft Place To Land.


  4. Very fun, cute (and inexpensive!)

    pk @ Room Remix

  5. It looks so cute, I love the mirrored tacks.