Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whimsical Frames

From insulation board to whimsical frame, with only three ingredients: a piece of insulation board from your local hardware store, a utility or Exacto knife, and a can of spray paint!

These frames are perfect for a playroom or other very casual place in your home. I actually took the idea of these frames from the elementary school art teacher. She made several of these frames to display her student's artwork during the art show last year. The frames are made out of insulation board!! But let me give you a hint. You will not find them at Home Depot or Lowes. I found these at a local True Value Hardware store. The brand name of the board is "Atlas", and it is actually compressed insulation. They are sold in 4' x 8' sheets. I had them cut it in half for me at the hardware store so that I could fit it into my car. Please don't try to use the foam insulation boards at HD and/or Lowe's. Trust me...they do not cut well! Anyway, the insulation board runs about $10 and I made 8 frames out of one piece.
Step One: Cut a template for your frame out of a regular piece of paper (or newspaper or poster board).
Step 2: Copy it onto your insulation board.
Step Three: Using a jigsaw or a utility knife, cut the shape out. I used a jigsaw on these, but afterwards, I wondered if it would cut better with an Exacto knife. It actually cut much smoother with the utility knife. I wish I had know that before I cut them out with the jigsaw!
Step Four: Using regular ole spray paint, spray your frames the desired color.

Step Five: Cut a piece of posterboard (color of your choice - I chose black) to fit the opening of your frame. I attached mine with masking tape.

Step 6: Hang on your wall. I used that sticky putty stuff to hang mine. I also used the sticky putty tp attach the artwork to the inside of the frame so that I can change out the artwork easily.

Step 7: Enjoy! (I was just thinking as I was typing this could embellish your frames with glitter and/or jewels...Have fun!).

I'm participating in Between Naps on the Porch Metamorphosis Monday. Click http:// to see more before and afters!


  1. I also love the whimsical look, it is a wonderful project and I bet it was fun to do, I may just give it a try...come for a visit

  2. Cute!! great for kids art too!

    nannykim from SPINDLE COTTAGE (I have more than one blog--spindle cottage is my house one)

  3. Very cute and clever idea!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  4. well look how cute those are!!!

    If you haven't already come link up to my Room a Month Link party (Every Monday!)

  5. Looking good, Tiffany! Have fun with the new blog..... loving all your projects!

  6. Great idea--yes, yes glitter would make them even more special!!

  7. Very cute! Thanks for the info on where to buy the board!

  8. I posted the burlap pillows I made. Thanks again for sharing your ides!

  9. Hi, Tiffany. Very cute frames. They look great! ~Tiffany~

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