Saturday, October 15, 2011

#0 Days of Before and Afters - Day 2 - Hunting/Camo themed room

I adore this room! This room was an attic space that my friend turned into a bedroom. Because it was attic space, it has a cool sloped room and an area that we made into a fort. Mark and I installed green metal roofing from Lowe's to the slope of the ceiling to help achieve the look of a hunter's camp. I used burlap on the windows and doors of the fort/camp, as well as on the bedskirt. Here's a BEFORE shot of the space.

I used a camo canopy from Academy Sports to make a canopy. This was CHEAP and EASY. I hung two cup hooks on the ceiling, then two nails at the top of the wall (where it meets the ceiling). I cut the canopy - didn't measure, just eye-balled it - and hooked it on the hooks and nails. So cute and really simple to do. I covered a piece of plywood (that was measured and cut at Home Depot) in a foam mattress cover and burlap. I attached a wire to the back of the plywood and hung it on the wall (like a picture) to make the headboard.

The burlap pillow was made with the freezer paper tutorial from earlier. Also super cheap and easy. I self-fringed the burlap so no money was spent on fringe.I love saving money!

The shadow box is waiting to be filled with outdoor goodies like rocks and junk! We arranged some of the little boy's old boots on the shelf, and he hung his pheasant feather thingy all by himself because I apparently forgot to do it! :)

This was an easy and inexpensive room to pull together. Hope you're inspired to try something similar!

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