Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Favorite Room Re-Do

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To Re-do:

Happy New Year!
I'm linking to one of my very favorite blogs, The Lettered Cottage.
We bought our home about three years ago. It still had window units - no central air conditioning system (in Alabama- ugh!! Can you imagine!?). The house had been built in 1940 and had been lived in by the same family the entire time. The owner's husband died in the 1970s, and everything remained the same from then on. When you walked into the foyer, bi-centennial wallpaper greeted you. The walls were all plaster and were covered in layers upon layers of wallpaper. It was really interesting to remove one layer of wallpaper only to see the previous decade 's wallpaper completely reflective of that decade. I remember wondering if we would EVER finish. M and I completed most of the labor ourselves. We were adding an addition that we contracted out, but to save $$, we decided to "do" most of the existing house ourselves. The house was VERY well built, but it needed lots of TLC.
The bedroom above seemed overwhelming. M (my husband) really wanted to just take the built-ins to the side of the curb. Honestly, I kind of wanted to, too. There was SO much work to do and I wasn't sure I had it in me to approach this seemingly overwhelming task. But I decided that I would try to tackle the project and it soon became a labor of love. And it is now my favorite room in the house!
Alright...I've just decided....I'm going to commit the month of January to blogging about the process of transforming this old house. I love my house. There, I said it. I love it. That felt great. :)
So stay tuned. I can't wait to show you the Before and After of the outside of the house. Unreal.

(p.s. If it sounds like I'm "bragging" on my house...I totally am! I am so sorry! I can't help it! It was HARD WORK and I'm so proud of the finished result! So now I'm bragging and I'm proud!?
Yikes! I'll work on these "issues" in 2010 - I promise. Resloution #1: Find some humility, please.)


  1. Wow! That's all I can say....WOW!!! That is fabulous!

  2. It looks great! I've remodeled a 1940's home in Seattle so I totally get it! You should be proud!

  3. I love it, my post is about my little girls room also. I love the transformation that paint gave the selves. I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year

  4. love it. and love the baloon curtains. Darn cute. mishelle

  5. Wow, what a great room! What a difference from brown to white built-ins.