Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm only posting this right now so I'll be motivated to BE PRODUCTIVE during this cold weather that is keeping me inside!

I have had my master bedroom 90% complete for MANY months now. But I just haven't been motivated to finish that last 10%. This isn't surprising. Just about every room in my house is the same way. But it's a new year and things are going to change, dang it! I'm not allowing myself to spend another dollar on a new project until I finish each of my existing projects. (Gulp.) I'm going to go through each room with a pen and a piece of paper and make a list of every little thing that needs to be finished and then...................................deep breath...................I"M GOING TO FINISH THE THINGS ON MY LIST! Yes ma'am, I sure am. With you as my witness. So Monday morning (if not sooner!) expect to see a picture of my completed bedroom. That means that I am going to finish sewing and HANG my new window treatments. They're already pinned together - and have been for several months - so it won't take too much effort. And when I finish the window treatments, I'm going to put a poly-coat on my "new to me" dresser. And I need to scrape the paint off my mirror. I painted the frame a while back but never took the time to finish the job by cleaning up the mess.

Anyway...I'm super excited about this new resolution to FINISH ONE PROJECT BEFORE STARTING ANOTHER!

After I make my "MASTER LIST OF INCOMPLETE PROJECTS", I'll share them with you. It'll be fun to finally check things off my list!

Happy Weekend! See ya soon with some finished projects!

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