Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine Jigglers

Last year I was asked to bring a snack of some type to one of the kid's Valentine party at school. So I decided to make Jell-O Jigglers. I wanted to use cookie cutters and cut them out in the shape of hearts. But of course I waited til the last minute to make these, and I could not find my heart-shaped cookie cutter anywhere. So I just cut the jello into small squares. I was disappointed in how boring they looked. Then I remembered that I had some cute picks that I could poke into them. However, the jigglers slip off the wooden skewer. So I decided to try straws and it worked! I cut the straws in half then cut 3 or 4 tiny slits into the end of each straw. The slits kind of "gripped" the jello and kept it from just sliding off the jello. It was actually cute with just the straws, but then I remembered these heart-shaped stickers and I stuck them on the tops of the straws. Then I really loved them, even more so than the original heart-shaped jigglers that I had in mind.

So last night when I decided to post this, I thought it would be fun to try different colors that could be used at times other than Valentine's Day.

I used colorful straws, cut them in half, cut slits in the end, then stuck them in the more colorful jigglers (I added green this time). I had these wooden skewers with windmills on the ends that I had purchased at World Market last year. I simply put the wooden skewer into the straw.

Here's an idea: Use them for a Girls Night out, if you know what I mean. How cute would that be?!

Here's another idea I just had. I can't wait til July! Make red and blue jigglers, put McDonald's straws in them (white straws with red striped), then insert those flag toothpicks into the straws! That sounds so cute to me! You could even add some whipped cream (in a can) to each jiggler, just to add some white to the red and blue (you patriot, you!).
If you do this for something, please let me know. I'd love to see what you come up with!


  1. Those are great! I love the pinwheel ones.

  2. You have the cutest things on your blog! I am having a grand time poking around here. Those teacher appreciation bags you did with the napkin and fork attached with a ribbon were so adorable! So is this, with the mini-pinwheels in the jello jigglers. Such great ideas :) Thanks for the inspiration.